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What I wish I had known in my first 30 days with umbraco

22 June 2009
Filed under: codegarden - by Douglas Robar

Download my slides from Umbraco CodeGarden '09 and the 2009 umbracoUK meetup entitled, What I wish I had known in my first 30 days with umbraco (PDF).

A fast-paced session for beginners who want to learn from (rather than repeat) others’ mistakes, focusing on concepts, best practices, tips, hidden gems, and "rules of thumb"

9 comments for “What I wish I had known in my first 30 days with umbraco”

  1. Gravatar of Johan
    Johan says:
    Cool, wish i was there to hear your talk to.
  2. Gravatar of Kyle
    Kyle says:
    Awesome PDF -- thanks for sharing!
  3. Gravatar of Jamie Pollock
    Jamie Pollock says:
    Hi Douglas, I missed your presentation as I was at the SiFR talk, but this is great and updated with some stuff some 3.x developers might have missed, I especially like the macro parameters section.

    Excellent work! :)
  4. Gravatar of Alec
    Alec says:
    Thanks Doug! Caught this at the UK meet up, was very well presented and made alot of sense.

  5. Gravatar of Shea Daniels
    Shea Daniels says:
    Thanks for the excellent PDF! Would it also be possible to get your speaking notes or something along those lines?
  6. Gravatar of Jimmy Pedersen
    Jimmy Pedersen says:
    Thanks for the sum up presentation.

    I just started Umbraco dev so it's going to be a big help.
  7. Gravatar of Brian Scott
    Brian Scott says:
    Was there any audio / video to go with the slides? The subject matter is really useful for beginners but the slides alone don't convey any useful information without a prior understanding of the Umbraco basics.
  8. Gravatar of Duncan McDougall
    Duncan McDougall says:
    Great slides. It would be perfect if you could incorporate these into a screencast. I'll have to remember to forward this to the team tomorrow. Cheers
  9. Gravatar of Bram
    Bram says:
    a must-read for every umbraco developper!
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