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XSLTsearch 3.0 released

11 November 2010
Filed under: umbraco, xsltsearch - by Douglas Robar

About XSLTsearch

XSLTsearch just got a major update to better support Umbraco 4.5!

XSLTsearch is the easy, quick, and free search solution for Umbraco web sites. It is fast, completely self-contained, and extremely configurable.

With XSLTsearch you can search for all words and phrases in all document properties and attributes, including your custom properties. Search results are automatically sorted by relevance with search terms highlighted in the results.

Member-protected and hidden content is not returned in search results, ensuring private information remains private.

XSLTsearch installs in all Umbraco sites, with or without Runway installed.


Improvements in 3.0

Improvements include:

  • Instant support for Multi-Lingual websites with dictionary keys
  • Support for medium trust
    • helper functions are now in /app_code/xsltsearch.cs
  • Performance improvements
  • Many bug fixes, including:
    • Multi-word searches now return proper results
    • Searching for the letter "s" no longer breaks html markup in results
    • Contextual results display improved in many cases

Get XSLTsearch

Download XSLTsearch and the full documentation from: (primary)

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