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ImageGen 2.9.0 Released

01 November 2013
Filed under: umbraco, ImageGen - by Douglas Robar

With greatly improved performance and scalability and an important security fix, ImageGen 2.9 is a recommended update for all users.


It sure has been a long time since the last public release of ImageGen. In the interim we've got more than 50,000 installations and supported customers by providing bug fixes when needed. These improvements should have been rolled up into releases along the way, but… they weren't. This is entirely my fault and the reasons are being addressed for future releases, which you'll see a lot more of. Performance, simplicity, features, utilities, and more are in works. 

What's new

  • Enhanced - Major speed and memory usage improvements
  • Enhanced - Cropping with x,y,w,h option retains aspect ratio if you include only the Width or Height parameter, making it much more useful in real-world use in macro logic
  • Enhanced - RemoteDomainWhiteList can use wildcard character in domains, especially useful when using CDNs and cloud servers for storage
  • Fixed - Handling Unicode characters in querystrings with IE
  • Fixed - Errors and missing images return 404 not found status, making it easier to find errors on your site with tools such as SEO Checker, log analyzers, and link checkers
  • Fixed - Image file is locked and can't be deleted
  • Fixed - Potential XSS security exposure (read more)

Please update now

Because of the security and performance improvements this is a highly recommended update for all ImageGen users. Updates are free. Works with all versions of Umbraco and all .net 2.0 (and higher) websites.

Get the update from

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