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Make an App_Code XSLT extension for Umbraco

12 November 2010 by Douglas Robar

New to Umbraco 4.5, XSLT extensions in the /App_Code folder provides code that is right in front of you and easy to edit (even for non-"VisualStudio junkies"). App_Code XSLT extensions are strongly-defined (safer), cached-at-application-level (faster), and medium-trust-capable (cheaper hosting). Wow!

And they are so easy to make! Let me show you how.


User modification to XSLTsearch for easier multi-site searching

11 November 2010 by Douglas Robar

Sebastiaan Janssen (@cultiv) mentioned a nice modification he makes to XSLTsearch on the our.umbraco forum today, simplifying its use in multi-lingual websites. It is so useful and simple I thought I would explain it in detail.


The never-expiring copyright date

02 January 2010 by Douglas Robar

It's January 2... do you know if your site's copyright notice is up-to-date?

With a quick bit of inline XSLT in your umbraco template you need never worry about it again!


Advanced XSLT with .NET Namespaces

21 September 2009 by Douglas Robar

Extending your umbraco XSLT macros to access .NET namespaces is very simple and will help you make the most of your macros. An example of file-level access from an XSLT macro is provided.


Your first umbraco XSLT macro

05 May 2009 by Douglas Robar

Create your first XSLT macro in umbraco and greet the world!

In this article you'll learn the steps to create an XSLT macro and insert that macro into a template. You'll also learn that what you type in XSLT is what you get out of XSLT for both text and HTML tags.

This article is foundational to working with umbraco XSLT-based macros and you won't want to miss it.


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