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Using XSLTsearch with CWS

23 July 2012 by Douglas Robar

Garrett Fisher wanted to replace the Examine search used by CWS with XSLTsearch. In less than 10 minutes you'll have a fully customized search running in CWS. Let me show you how.


Quick and easy multi-lingual search pages for Umbraco sites

17 November 2010 by Douglas Robar

Searching within multi-lingual websites is simple with XSLTsearch 3. Using Umbraco's convenient dictionary items and language/culture capabilities you'll have multi-site, multi-language searching in minutes.

Here's a primer and "how to" guide to quickly set up XSLTsearch in your multi-lingual website.


User modification to XSLTsearch for easier multi-site searching

11 November 2010 by Douglas Robar

Sebastiaan Janssen (@cultiv) mentioned a nice modification he makes to XSLTsearch on the our.umbraco forum today, simplifying its use in multi-lingual websites. It is so useful and simple I thought I would explain it in detail.


XSLTsearch 3.0 released

11 November 2010 by Douglas Robar

XSLTsearch just got a major update to better support Umbraco
4.5! Instant multi-lingual search pages, medium-trust support, improved performance, and many important bug fixes.


XSLTsearch supports Umbraco 4.1

15 June 2010 by Douglas Robar

Coinciding with the release of Umbraco 4.1RC, we have updated XSLTsearch to work perfectly with the new xml schema. Download XSLTsearch 2.8.1 today!


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