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When Less is More

19 June 2012 by Douglas Robar

Learn the key differences between v4 and v5 in my "When Less is More" presentation, given at Umbraco Codegarden 12.

For those who learned version 5, this presentation shows you what you need to know about version 4. By the end I think you'll agree that Umbraco 4 is a great product that meets real-world needs.


How To: ImageGen 2.5 with Umbraco 5

01 February 2012 by Douglas Robar

Learn how to use your old friend ImageGen 2.5 with the brand spanking new Umbraco v5. It's quick, simple, and very powerful!


Help, I need my passport back

01 June 2011 by Douglas Robar

In order to travel to the annual CodeGarden conference I need my visa application approved and passport returned from the UK Home Office Border Agency within the next two weeks.

Update: Your help has returned my passport in time!


How To: Umbraco Razor Intellisense and Debugging

03 March 2011 by Douglas Robar

With Umbraco 4.7, Razor just might be the go-to language for most macros from now on. Unfortunately, even with Visual Studio 2010, intellisense was missing for @Model, the single most important part of a Razor macro.

This short video demonstrates how you can get some intellisense love for your Umbraco Razor macros. I also show you how easy it is to debug Razor macros without compiling any code.


Quick and easy multi-lingual search pages for Umbraco sites

17 November 2010 by Douglas Robar

Searching within multi-lingual websites is simple with XSLTsearch 3. Using Umbraco's convenient dictionary items and language/culture capabilities you'll have multi-site, multi-language searching in minutes.

Here's a primer and "how to" guide to quickly set up XSLTsearch in your multi-lingual website.


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